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 Sold old faithfull, bought a Webley fx2000 carbine.

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PostSubject: Sold old faithfull, bought a Webley fx2000 carbine.   Wed Nov 14, 2012 6:26 am

After selling the old axsor I missed it so much I bought an fx2000 carbine in .22 secondhand as a bit of a project.

Anyhow it had a leak so I stripped it and rebuilt it with an o ring service kit and lubed the mag indexing system it had a slight problem so I replaced the mag indexing spring it now cycles how it should and does 11.8 fpe in .22 with little fps spread, I sent the barrel and and muzzle for reblue and the stock I purchased from a lad down in cornwall for a price he couldnt refuse Shocked silent but I really wanted it.

The gun has now done some decent work with me and taken out a round a couple of dozen rabbits and about a dozen squirrels and probably ten pigeons, it is every bit as accurate as my old axsor although slightly heavier and the mag cycle is not as smooth as the old axsor but the whole thing was beefed up on the fx2000, plus it had a pressure gauge.

I put on a leather cobra sling and some uncle mike swivels although I have bought some stalkers, and tipped it off with a hogun decimeter as it suits the colour of the cylinder.

I can honestly say with the silent pip it is on par with the quietest airguns Ive shot including my hw100 and daystate mk3 the gun is barely audiable at 15 yrds away, it nearly always gives me a second shot in the field if I miss Rolling Eyes
the scope is a Bushnell tactical 5-15x40 elite tactical with a front reach forward mount again it suits the gun not being overly big it has a mildot ret and stunning optics and it doesnt overwhelm the balance.

All the gun has probably cost me the best part of £500 but Im proud of it and would back it against any sub 12fpe hunting airgun currently on the market past or present.

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PostSubject: Re: Sold old faithfull, bought a Webley fx2000 carbine.   Sat Nov 17, 2012 8:17 am

Looks amazing fella bet your well chuffed with it. The grain on the stock is lovely Very Happy
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Sold old faithfull, bought a Webley fx2000 carbine.
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